Updates History

In each update, we add new improvements and fix bugs from the previous version making our kit better and better.
Please use the same Gumroad Library account that you made the purchase with to download the latest version.
Ver. 2.2
Released May 12, 2020
Smart Typography
• Added: Small List
Base Elements
• Added: Small Button
• Added: Link Button
• Added: Button Group
• Added: Small Input
• Added: Input Group
• Added: Pills Tabs
• Added: Breadcrumbs
• Added: Pickers
• Added: Tables
• Added: Modals
Theme Setup
• Added: Elevation Shadows
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 2.1
Released March 30, 2020
• Added: Dark Version
• Updated: Text Styles
• Updated: Layer Styles
• Updated: Buttons
• Updated: Button Group
• Updated: Inputs
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 2.0
Released March 9, 2020
• Added: Mobile Layouts
• Added: Smart Layout & Auto Layout features for Sketch & Figma
• Added: Smart Typography
• Added: Menu Components
• Updated: Desktop Layouts
• Updated: Typography
• Updated: Layer Styles, Text Styles & Symbols
• Updated: Buttons, Forms, Tabs, Icons & Mockups
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 1.3
Released December 18, 2018
• Added version for Adobe XD
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 1.2
Released October 20, 2018
• Added version for Figma & Adobe Photoshop
• Added: Dark Version
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 1.1
Released October 17, 2018
• Fixed minor bugs for better usability
Ver. 1.0
Released October 15, 2018
• Sections Wireframe Kit released
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